DreamGirl SG
By Richel Xie Follow | Public

Organised by O2 Incorporated, DreamGirl SG is about finding beautiful, intelligent and passionate ladies out there who do not fit the conventional height requirements for pageants or modelling.Not only does this competition aim to give these ladies a chance to showcase and further develop their talents, we also hope to open door and opportunities for them to do more for themselves and their community.

DreamGirl SG emphasizes not on the beauty and poise of our contestants, but more important attributes like their character, abilities and how hardworking the contestants are. We aim to shift away from the idea that women should only be judged by how they look or their figure -- as is traditionally done through beauty pageants – but rather, by their effort and the results they are capable of achieving. Through a unique format where the contestants will be awarded points based on how well they do in a wide range of activities that test their writing skills, patience, teamwork, and physical coordination, DreamGirl SG aims to differentiate itself from the other pageants by giving our participants a sustained platform to showcase the full range of their capabilities and talents.

There is no other competition like this in the whole of Asia.
Through the activities of DreamGirl SG we get to know more about each of the contestant’s character, flaws and triumphs, and celebrate with them as they laugh, or give them our support when they cry. We will watch as they fight each other – and themselves – enroute to achieving their Dreams.

Here is where it all began - Here is where their Dreams come true.